I am done.

Sometimes you need to give up on people. Just back to the truth.
What? اللّٰه ..اللّٰه is the best reference ever. You have problem? refer اللّٰه.. You sad? refer اللّٰه..
I need to say this. Have fun ahead, i am so done. You dont know about me.

It's me, this is my heart not you or yours anymore.
I need time for myself to accept all of this, dont force me.. to reply you or respond you.
Like what just i said this is my heart. I dont care what you think about me anymore, like you said i'm not changed.

I need to recovery myself, about my feeling, my heart, my pain.
You want me say i'm okay, i forgive you? or whatever you want?
Maybe for you just a few word to reply you but.. like nothing happen on my heart before this? Please give me a time. Maybe for 2 3 months, maybe 1 years..
Siapa tahu kan?
After all this is fine, i'm okay with you like nothing happened.
Enough la, we already end conversation, already spoken and left it all.
Like what i already said, kosong kosong. Thats mean, semua okay and what i feel all this pain.. ni semua atas dasar salah diri saya sendiri.
Itu tak cukup ke saya kata awak dah takde apa apa point untuk minta maaf kat saya.
I'm just getting tired.. just go jelah. I need to rest my life without you without thinking about you.
I need time i need some space. I think this more than enough..

Have a nice life dude, i'm done and thats all i have to say about that.

*Merepek apa la english ni

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